"Plunged into melancholy and doubts, Sharylla makes an inner journey only to discover a cold, lifeless world. She's wandering, lonely, looking for the reason of her existence… Until Lorghian comes to her - as sun warming her body, heart and soul - and tells her that without her, he's nothing…"

The director


faible résolution résolution moyenne haute résolution

An animated series opening is often a digets of everything happening in the series, with the same pace as the episodes and with all main characters introduced in a very synthetic way, the goal of which being to give in one minute and half a precise idea of what the series is… It's a somewhat outstanding trailer ! PourThe pilosophy is totally different regarding the ending ! There is no constraint of the sort… On the contrary, the series creators see this as an occasion to make an "artistic" clip video, something retelling a fact, a character or an emotion of the series, and make a one-minute long sequence about this element, which is not necessarily the highlight of the series. For Lorghian & Sharylla, we wanted to focus on the female character and her high sensibility. As the series indicates it, Sharylla is at first sight an exuberant and loose girl. But this personnality exists only to hide her feeling of loneliness, of not belonging to this world. She looks for an alter ego and finally finds Lorghian, whose loneliness echoes hers. Together, they're still under the impression of being alone in the world, but there are two of them now, which makes the difference… This is this precarious balance and its existential questions that we chose to exhibit to design this ending…

Projet "Lorghian & Sharylla - © Jérôme Alquié Illustrations - 2006