This page features a not-exhaustive list of my works of those last years, that you can consult on this site. Projects related to animation or illustration, as well as the comics or RPG world, and finally the miscellaneous involvements in festivals or official editions...
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2002 Last festivals, first editions...

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After 2001 when the Saint Seiya Hades trailer allowed to obtrude the public expectation -including the ayants droits - it was time to try other stuff. Thus, this year was the last one regarding festivals, then more numerous and more international than in the past, notably thanks to the trailer, translated in many languages. This was also the year of the first collaborations on edition projects, finally in the official way and in an ideal professional scope.
NOV - Participation at "Cartoonist" convention in Paris as exhibitor
OCT - Participation at TV shox "Galaxy Manga" on the theme of Saint Seiya
OCT - Original illustrations for conception of CD audio box "Saint Seiya"
OCT - Participation at "THE FACTS" convention in Gand (Belgium) as exhibitor
SEPT - Participation at "Jornaicas de Zaragosa" convention in Spain as exhibitor
JULY - Original illustrations for conception of VHS Box "Nobody's boy"
JULY - Participation at "Japan Expo" convention in Paris as exhibitor
MAY - Original illustrations for DVD box booklet "Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors"
APRIL - Participation at "Cartoonist" convention in Toulon as exhibitor
APRIL - Edition of illustrated book "the ring of the 7 ones"
FEB official website opening